SystematIC participates in the following clusters. These clusters allow us relevant insight related to market trends and technological developments. This way we ensure that we are always up to date with the latest ideas.

Business Cluster Semiconductors Netherlands includes some 150 companies active throughout the value chain of development, production.

Business Cluster Semiconductors Netherlands (BC Semi) is a Dutch network of semiconductor companies and knowledge organizations that are active in the entire value chain of development, production and application of advanced ICs, MEMS, Sensors and Wireless Systems.

BC Semi supports development of an open infrastructure and shares facilities for knowledge retention & development as well as for the industrial production of advanced microelectronics in the Netherlands. BC Semi helps its members to improve their (business) success by supporting collaboration, project development and sharing of competences.

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Technet is a regional knowledge network of high-tech companies and institutions from the greater Delft region.

The greater Delft area contains a large diversity of technology oriented centers of knowledge and innovative companies. The network came to exist from the necessity of steady relations between the local companies and good knowledge infrastructure . Technet proves very useful in facilitating this and actively stimulates exchange of knowledge and expertise within the regional network.

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