SystematIC focuses on the design of high-performance analog and mixed-signal integrated electronics. This has resulted in numerous successful designs, mainly in the areas of Sensor Readout and of Power Conversion. 


SystematIC has design experience in a wide variety of process technologies such as CMOS, Bipolar,  BiCMOS, SiGe, SOI and BCD, ranging from high-voltage micron-scale to sub-micron low-voltage. This flexibility allows us to rapidly engage in a new design while spending minimal time learning the details of a particular process technology. Our focus is on the design possibilities given the process options and limitations. Our extensive experience gives us a wide array of circuit technologies with which to solve particular design challenge in a given process technology. It also helps us to guide customers in the selection of the best suitable process

The essential toolkit of analog IC design is the knowledge and understanding of devices, circuits and systems. Software programs help to improve this understanding and to verify circuit behavior for process and condition variations. SystematIC engineers have learned to adapt to several design flow tools for circuit drawing, simulation, IC layout and verification. Those include the industry-standard design flow of Cadence, and also Mentor tools (Calibre), as well as numerous other design programs for analog mixed-signal (Tanner, PspiceAD, Spectre, Verilog-AMS, Pstar), for digital circuit design (Verilog, VHDL), and for Printed Circuit Board designs (Altium).



Our design experience includes:

  • Optical & radiation sensor interfaces : Proximity and  Ambient light sensor IP , X-ray readout, Optical arrays
  • Hall sensor IP: programmable linear, GTS, high speed current sensor
  • Magnetic Sensor Interfaces: Hall sensor IP, Magneto Resistor readout, Inductor readout
  • Capacitive Sensor Interfaces: Capacitive probe, proximity sensor
  • Thermal Sensor Interfaces: Temperature sensor, Flow sensor
  • Pressure sensor Interfaces : Microphone amplifiers, Pressure sensor interface


Our design experience includes:

  • Linear and LDO regulators
  • SMPS control, including buck, boost, fly-back, resonant converters.
  • Low-power control (e.g. burst mode)
  • Integrated charge pumps (doublers, inverters, etc.)
  • Protection for Over-voltage, Over-current, Over-temperature
  • Class-D Amplifier, Linear Power Amplifier for headset
  • Low-voltage step-up converter for LEDs
  • MPPT solar converter,
  • Battery current and charge monitoring
  • Switch drivers, Sensor-less motor driver, Hearing protection actuator


Our design experience includes:

  • Multi-chip High-voltage switch (ASIC) – 7500V max.
  • Inductive-boost-converter LED Driver ASIC (MM3097) from battery supply (3-6V) to 36V
  • Mains-connected (AC) LED Driver ASIC – 400V operation (700V max.)
  • High-voltage design primary-side control plus PFC of efficient power-converters – 650V max.
  • Multi-segment smart-card display driver – 20V max.
  • Regulator for automotive application – 40V max.
  • Multi-phase PWM controller – 16V max.


Established in 1998, SystematIC has steadily been growing and earning the trust of hundreds of businesses by providing them with custom IC solutions, turning their ideas into reality with the help of highly qualified engineers.